Resonating with the Choir Book

"Striking the Chord of Trust in new Choir Book for Social Justice Philanthropy" by Pia Infante, The Whitman Institute

"Gusty Grant Seeking for Grassroots Organizations" by Dana Textoris and Matt Carter, Grassroots Fundraising Journal

Building on existing resources and thought leadership, through a participatory process informed by expert philanthropists and leaders of social movements, the Bay Area Justice Funders Network has curated best practices for social justice philanthropy, identified individual competencies that support best practice, and defined core values that are vital to social justice philanthropy. In combination, these values, competencies, and practices create a comprehensive framework for effective social justice philanthropy.

There are limited printed copies of the Framework available.  Members of the Bay Area Justice Funders Network will receive a free copy of the printed framework.  For non-members and large volume orders, please e-mail:

"The Choir Book lays out the vital building blocks for the kind of philanthropy the world needs today. Even in its brevity, it is a great step by step guide to asking the right questions and changing the day-to-day work of philanthropy to better achieve equity and justice."

-Gara La Marche, President, Democracy Alliance; Former CEO & President of the Atlantic Philanthropies

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