The Bay Area Justice Funders Network engages in a range of thought leadership activities that help the philanthropic community to become more active, coordinated, and accountable partner in efforts to grow and advance movements for justice. The Network is a platform for convening and encouraging relationships among funders, as well as strengthening relationships and communication between the philanthropic community and community-based organizations. BAJFN acts as a thought partner and leader for the movement building space. Examples of thought leadership include:

Funding Movement Building: Bay Area Approaches

In 2013, BAJFN produced “Funding Movement Building: Bay Area Approaches” which detailed the findings from our 2012 Survey of Bay Area Social Justice Philanthropies.

Click here to access a copy of the report. 

What is a Justice Funder?

In 2014, BAJFN’s blog series on “What is a Justice Funder?” invited network members to explore the values and practices that they believe are central to the praxis of social justice philanthropy. This series has engaged nearly 30 individuals reflecting a myriad of philanthropies—c3, c4, public, private, trustee, donor, executives, and program officers. Of this blog series, Sarah Abelow of the Overbrook Foundation based in New York, said, “I have been following the blog series, which is so great! It is really helpful for someone new in the field to read about what this work is supposed to look like.”

To view the blog series, click here. 

Choir Book: A Framework for Social Justice Philanthropy

In 2016, we released the “Choir Book: A Framework for Social Justice Philanthropy,” which curated practices for social justice philanthropy, identified individual competencies that support values-aligned practice, and defined core values that are vital to social justice philanthropy. Gara La Marche, President, Democracy Alliance; Former CEO & President of the Atlantic Philanthropies said, "The Choir Book lays out the vital building blocks for the kind of philanthropy the world needs today. Even in its brevity, it is a great step by step guide to asking the right questions and changing the day-to-day work of philanthropy to better achieve equity and justice."

To learn more and to get your own electronic version of the Choir Book, click here. 

Breaking Bad Philanthropic Habits

In 2017, BAJFN released a blog series on "Breaking Bad Philanthropic Habits" as a way to reflect and identify actions any – or at least many – of us can take. We begin with a focus on individual change because anyone can incorporate values-aligned practices, no matter their positional power. We have a chance now to set new practices that will better serve the movements we hope to support.

To read the blog series, click here. Or contribute your own story!

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